A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun - Tampa Bay, Florida, USA


A Place in the Sun

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Chris James and Susan Spencer from Norfolk enlist the help of Jonnie Irwin to find them their dream waterfront home in Tampa, Florida, for the whole family to enjoy

More about Chris and Sue and their property search

In today's A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Chris and Sue from Norfolk go house-hutning in Florida with Jonnie IrwinChris James and Sue Spencer from Norfolk met at college but were reunited 30 years later after seperate marriages. They have five grown up children and four grandchildren between them. They both fell in love with Florida while in their other relationships, which is why they are now looking for a family holiday home in the Tampa Bay area.


They love the idea of exploring the state together and making their own memories there, as well as sharing experiences with their grandchildren, plus they are keen boaters, and the area’s extensive waterways would be a great way for them to relax when they visit on holidays. 


They have a budget of £150,000.

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