A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? Lincolnshire or Bergerac


A Place in the Sun

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Property experts Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help Geoff and Rosie decide between moving to the Lincolnshire Fens or Bergerac in the south of France

More about Geoff and Rosie and their property search

Geoff Lock and Rosie Davy-Hunt want out of the rat race and are convinced that a slice of the good life- being self sufficient, having time to ride their horses and walk their dogs, will bring them closer together as a family.


The problem is they cannot decide where their new life should be. Rosie favours France where she has lived before and enjoys the pace of life, but Geoff is keen to stay in England near to his daughter and elderly father, and wants the couple to relocate to the Fens. Will it be home or away?


Home properties - The Fens


The savvy couple have realised that with the land and property size they want, there are very few places in England which are going to be within their budget. Thankfully, the beautiful fens have property which is 50% less than the UK average and offer the rural lifestyle the couple are searching for. It puts them in striking distance of Geoff's daughter and also gives them the transport links they need to visit other family members. But will Jonnie be able to find something with enough of a wow factor to convince Geoff to move away?


Property 1  
The first property the couple see is a detached new build in Crowland for £299,995. It is available through City and County
Property 2  
The next property is priced at £342,500 through Rural and Equestrian
Property 3  
The final home property is a Bambridges detached property available for £399,000.


Away properties - The Dordogne, France

The Dordogne is a popular region of France, especially among domestic tourists. The French make up 80% of those who visit each year. Known for its fine wines, truffles, geese and pate, the region is a gastronomic dream. Despite this, prices have stayed relatively low, with land actually decreasing in price. As a result Geoff and Rosie should find that their money stretches a lot further and unlike the Fens they will have, and have use for, a swimming pool.


Property 1  
Over in France the couple are shocked by how much they can afford for their money. The first property they are shown is £302,400 and is available through the Dordogne Property Agency 
Property 2  
Next is a house with its on lake available for £374,400. It is on sale through JPB Immobilier
Property 3  
The couple's final property is a beautiful old farmhouse available for £399,000. This is on sale with Dordogne Property Agency


Will the couple settle at home or away? 

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