A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? West Wales or Pau, France


A Place in the Sun

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Keith and Angela want to leave Lancashire. But can Jonnie find them a house big enough in west Wales, or will the value for money on offer in rural France win them over?

More about Keith and Angela and their property search

Keith and Angela Fagan have decided it’s time to leave Lancashire. Family life is very important to them, especially as they have six children, and they feel that a move to a more rural, community-orientated town or village will provide the ideal environment for raising the younger half of their family.


They both love the UK and realise that a move to Wales would require much less upheaval, however, will the fact that they feel they can get more for their money in Pau convince them to take the plunge and start a new life in France?...



Home properties - South West Wales


Pembrokeshire, where the couple are basing their search, is a maritime county, bordered by the sea on three sides, by Ceredigion (Cardiganshire) to the northeast and by Carmarthenshire to the east. Visitors flock to this leading European holiday destination to enjoy the spectacular grandeur and tranquil beauty of the countryside and take in some of the 186 mile coastal cliff top path, which offers wonderful walking and glorious views, and is a paradise for bird watchers.

The region also has a farely moderate climate. It is changeable but the coastal areas of the national park are generally drier than inland. Winters are generally mild with average daily high temperatures between 8 and 10 degrees cesius. Summers are dry but on the cool side, with winds blowing off the Bristol Channel and Irish Sea keeping average highs between 15 and 17 degrees celsius from June to August.  The good news for our young anf active family is that the area is a surfers’ paradise with 30 days of gales during summer. Will the blustery outdoor charms be enough to convince the Fagans?


Property 1  
  The first property the couple view is a house in Witson which costs £350,000. This is being sold by FBM Estate Agents.
Property 2  
  The second property is a charming house in the more rural setting of St Clears. Priced at £365,000, it is also being sold by FBM Estate Agents
Property 3  
  The final property is being marketed by West Wales Properties. It is being sold for £325,000



Away properties - Pau, France


Pau is situated in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France’s most south-westerly department. In the 19th Century, it was a popular spot for rich English people and Americans. They left their mark on the town in the form of Victorian architecture. The majority of the centre, however, has retained its medieval look. Since the 1960s, the town has once again been rising in popularity and in more recent years it has become a vibrant hub of both tourism and industry. According to the latest reports from FNAIM, the average price for Pau property is €2,133 per m2, up 2.8% in the last year.  This is slightly lower than the national average of €2,225 per m2 but slightly higher than the average for the SW, which Is €2,064 per m2.


Property 1  
  Over in France the couple view a home in Pontiacq Viellepinte which is being sold for £210,000. This is on sale with Sarl Immo Bearn Bigorre
Property 2  
  Next up is a farmhouse in Lombia which is priced at £216,000.  This is on sale with Orpi Agences.
Property 3  
  The final property is this traditional French farmhouse in Riupeyruos. This is priced at £252,000 and is being sold by Conseil Financier Immoblier


Will Keith and Angela be tempted over to France or will Wales hold more sway? 

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