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A Place in the Sun

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After 40 years of renting, artist Fiona Green has decided to buy her first home. Trouble is she can't decide between Paris or London.

More about Fiona and her property search

After 40 years of renting the same West End based London flat, artist Fiona Green has decided that it's finally time to get onto the property ladder. While she feels a natural affinity with the city, and has family and friends there, she has also previously lived in Paris and  feels that a new adventure in the city of love could be right up her boulevard. But will her friends and family be able to let her go?



Home properties - London


London has been Fiona's home for over forty years and she loves its mix of high and lowbrow culture, different people living alongside eachother, it's history, heritage and vibrancy, as well as its myriad of attractions, clubs, bars, restaurants, theatres and cinemas. As the saying goes, if you are tired of London then you are tired of life. The problem is that the city isn't cheap. Average property prices in London are 64% more expensive than the rest of the UK, and property prices in the borough of Lambeth (where Fiona is basing her search) are up 20% from last year and rising. Will Fiona be able to afford the house she has always dreamt of, or will she be priced out to Paris?


Property 1  
  The first property is a top floor flat in Stockwell which is priced at £299,950. This is being sold by Kinleigh, Folkard & Hayward
Property 2  
  Next is a first floor flat in Kennington which is priced at £345,000. This is marketed by Barnard Marcus 
Property 3  
  The final property is a garden flat in Clapham which is on the market for £365,000. This is being sold by Oliver Burn.


Away properties - Paris


Paris holds a lot of great memories for Fiona, and it's still one of the world's most impressive and beautiful cities - an architectural, historical and cultural centre which remains a tourist hotspot. Property in the central areas where Fiona is looking is expensive, but if she is willing to scale down her ambitions then there are plenty of fantastic apartments on offer. It is important for Fiona to be near to the Gare du Nord station so that she can pop back to London whenever she gets homesick and she is also initially planning to commute a couple of day a week to her part time job. But the beauty, glamour and romance of Paris is seductive - will it convince her that it could be her home once again?


Property 1  
The first apartment Fiona is shown is this one - a £292,000 property which is being sold through Zennatti Immobilier
Property 2  
The next apartment is above a cabaret club, but as Fiona is used to the hustle and bustle of Soho, this should be no problem. It costs £275,000 and is being sold by Agence Principale
Property 3  
The final Parisian apartment is an Agence Domicile property which is priced at £288,500. 


Which city will Fiona call her home? Will it be the bright lights of Paris or the sleek metropole of London. 


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