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We are a recently formed family Estate Agency, using our 12 years' experience of selling houses in France.  Now living on the gorgeous Costa Blanca South, we are using our customer service skills to find homes for clients looking for a new life in the sun.  As recent residents in this area we have just been through all the necessary administrative tasks.  Mike and Gill are pension age (!!) and Tommy and Becky with Oscar who is 3 years old, have gone through all the "challenges" of finding a new home - either to rent or for permanent living.  We have viewed lots of houses and apartments,  have completed all the necessary papers for residency, have sorted medical care, have found Oscar a multilingual local school, have found a great vet for the assorted pets, spent long days on the local beaches, have a fab dentist, bought and sold furniture and cars, learnt to swim, found great local bars and restaurants, shopped locally and in impressive large name it and we have done it already.   We are totally enjoying our new lives and ready, willing, and able to help you with your property search.

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