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myplaceinitaly di Schillaci Luca Pio

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Our primary business activity is finding properties in Italy on behalf of buyers from abroad. We are based in Rome and in the east of Sicily, but we can work in many other areas in Italy. We rely on a network of partner real estate companies and professional cooperators, in order to find the properties that better suit your needs and wishes, and to make sure that all the papers are checked and all issues sorted out before you buy. You can rely on us also after buying, especially if you want to turn your property into a vacation rental when you are not using it: we manage the entire process, from setting up the vacation rental to arranging the property for incoming guests and checking them in and out. Last but not least, we also work as a real estate agency as it is generally done in Italy, that is working for both seller and buyer sides: please feel free of getting in touch with us if interested in one of the properties we advertise on this website on behalf of the seller

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myplaceinitaly di Schillaci Luca Pio
Via F.lli Bandiera 31
[City]Gravina di Catania CT


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