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Forth Capital is a privately owned, independent investment and tax boutique, providing top-tier, professional and transparent, financial advice to expatriates around the world.

Being 100% independent, Forth Capital is able to recommend the very best investment instruments from the world’s leading banks, fund managers and investment houses. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not market our own in-house products. This enables us to provide only the finest instruments for our clients’ needs, and to tailor investment solutions to the individual financial goals of each client.

Being expatriates ourselves, we understand your requirements better than anyone. Our Financial and Tax Advisers are UK qualified and we conduct all meetings in the English language and ensure that all documentation and correspondence is in English. We are dedicated to servicing our client’s best interests and are arguably the leading company of our type offering wealth management solutions to the International investor.

Understanding and minimising your tax liabilities is vital to maintaining your wealth. Not fully understanding the tax position on your income and assets in another country often leads to the payment of unnecessary taxes and in some cases you may be taxed twice. With the right tax advice you can make sure that you understand the local tax implications and are able to minimise your tax liabilities both in the UK and overseas.

The Forth Capital international tax service provides high quality cross-border tax advice for UK expatriates moving overseas, living overseas or purchasing property overseas.

We can assist you if you are currently:
Living in the UK and planning to move overseas
Living outside the UK and planning to return to the UK
Living outside the UK and planning to move to France, Spain or Portugal
Living in the UK and looking to purchase property overseas
Living outside the UK whilst retaining UK interests

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