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Learn from the experience of people who have already bought

Brits have been buying and enjoying overseas property for years and a second home in the sun is an aspiration for a lot of us. To have somewhere we can spend increasing amounts of time as we get older and enjoy a warmer, relaxed environment is a lifestyle most of us would love and many people have already chosen.

It’s reassuring to know that for the vast majority of buyers their lives have been enhanced with the purchase of their own place in the sun. While there have been high-profile news stories where it has gone wrong, buying a property overseas should be a safe and secure process when done the right way.

People buy property overseas for different reasons but one thing they have in common is a love for a particular place and a desire to spend more time there. Some may want to rent out their property as much as possible while others are simply happy to let friends and family stay for mates’ rates – though we know of a buyer who kept her purchase a secret to avoid anyone asking to stay!

What to do now

Read how our buyers went about it and benefit from the experience they gained; ‘Things we wish we’d known before we started’ is essential information that can save you time and money.

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