Summer 2013

In this issue...

The summer 2013 issue of A Place in the Sun magazine is packed full of useful advice if you're thinking of buying a property abroad. There's a detailed guide to buying a property in Florida, an explanation of how to buy a bank-owned property in Spain, an introduction to buying property abroad and Jasmine Harman finds out what is really going on in the Cypriot property market.

We find out what sort of properties you could expect to find in Italy for £50k, £100k and £200k; and what's currently on offer in the Mediterranean island of Menorca starting at under £100k.

We get some top tips on running a French B&B from Paul and Chris who appeared on the last series of A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? compare and contrast Spain and Florida as the perfect destination for the golf playing property hunter.

TV presenter Naomi Cleaver gives us a peek into her Caribbean renovation project on the island of Nevis and roam the Algarve to pick out some property ideas for you.

Then there's all the usuals - a property hunt in France or Spain for a couple that need an airfield for their beloved microlight, hot properties from around the world priced between £13k and £7m, your currency and legal questions answered by our panel of experts and tips on setting your home apart from the rest when you are looking to rent it out.

With all this and hundreds of properties for sale, A Place in the Sun magazine is your unmissable magazine to help you find your perfect home abroad.

Enjoy this season's issue.