Coastal v inland properties?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Coastal v inland properties?

Blue or green - which colour sums up your perfect holiday home? Do you dream of being right beside the seaside every day? Or would you rather get away from it all in the peaceful countryside? We're bringing you a spectrum of properties this week, ranging from the ocean's edge to the rural idyll.

For beach lovers, you couldn't get much closer than this fabulous frontline apartment in Santa Ponsa in Mallorca. Or maybe you'd rather be basking in the California sunshine - snap up a condo on Huntington Beach for £264,000. But those with green-fingers will prefer our three-bed house in Limousin in France, with its veg patch and lush gardens. And the current owners of this terrific villa in Sevilla in Spain keep ponies and a large aviary on the land.

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