10 top tips for a stress-free move abroad

Thursday, May 21, 2015

10 top tips for a stress-free move abroad

One leading removals company provide some great pointers for counting down to your move - and how to save some time, money and, yes, some hair-pulling - in the process...

1. Plan which items you wish to take six months in advance and research how much it would cost to replace the items that you are not taking. Many household items are more expensive abroad.

2. If you are sending household and personal effects this is the time to start organising and clearing out the things you won't need. Car boot sales and eBay are great ways to sell items.

3. As a minimum you should select an international mover that has achieved the highest level of service within the industry by attaining FAIM accreditation which is the only independent quality assurance standard for the international moving industry. You should also ask if the company is a member of the FIDI Global alliance, British Association of Removers Overseas Group, and BAR OVERSEAS, which is covered by the I.M.M.I. Advance payment guarantee scheme for your financial protection.

4. You can take your car abroad, as long as it has been owned and used for 12 months prior to your move and is not for re-sale, and then it will be exempt from customs duty and GST. You will need to obtain a statement of compliance or import permit prior to being shipped. For vehicles to the USA or Canada please note there are different requirements.

5. The cost for your international removal will depend on the quantity of household and personal effects you wish to ship. Most reputable international removal companies will offer a free no-obligation home survey to offer advice regarding the types of items and associated cost.

6. Plan your travel dates and packing dates with your removal company at least two months in advance.

7. Three weeks before moving, begin to prepare and complete your Transit protection form.

8. One week before moving, make sure that all necessary documentation has been completed and returned to your move coordinator.

9. The day before the removal please make sure that any travel documents and bags are clearly separated from your shipping items.

10. On removal day, try to relax and let your removal crew take care of your possessions while you look forward to your new life abroad. The hard work is over!

* Kindly compiled by PPS International Removals (PPSremovals.com), one of the largest UK household goods shippers worldwide, offering a range of bespoke shipment options and advice service.

PPS International

(This article was first published in A Place in the Sun magazine - Summer 2014 issue 118)

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