Read our buying guide to... Arboleas

Read our buying guide to... Arboleas

If you love the cobbled streets and grand Moorish architecture of a traditional Andalucian village, then look no further than Arboleas, set in the Almanzora valley of south east Spain.

It's not just the town's distinct 'Spanishness' that makes it so popular - the quality of food in Arboleas gets a big thumbs-up too: olives, almonds and cereals such as wheat and barley are all grown locally in this small town, informing a cuisine based on dishes made with local produce.

There's a strong expat community too (in fact, the majority of citizens in Arboleas are British), and rumour has it that us Brits love to boogie at the local fiestas! Us? Never...

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By Kathryn Quin
A Place In The Sun