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New strategy to increase tourism in Albania

New strategy to increase tourism in Albania

A new ten-year tourism strategy is being drawn up by Albania's government in an effort to capitalise on the country's increasing numbers of tourists.

Aldo Bumci, Minister of Tourism, revealed that the government is working on ways to ensure that the country is able to sustain infrastructure growth and increase tourist numbers year on year by improving Albania's services.

"Tourism is playing a vital role for the Albanian economy. Accounting for around 11% of the nation's GDP, tourism brought in 1.2 billion euros in profit in 2011 and with tourist numbers rising to more than 4 million last year it is important that Albania produces a long-term plan to capitalise off the back of its growing popularity," said Ravin Maharajah, Partner of Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa in Albania.

"Indeed what is encouraging for business investors, holiday makers and property buyers alike is the fact that despite the economic downturn seen across the Eurozone, Albania's economy is still performing at a steady rate. In fact, it was recently revealed by Finance Minister Ridvan Bode that the influx of foreign direct investments has substantially increased from around 250m euros in 2006 to around 850m euros in 2011 which certainly inspires confidence in the nation," he added.

Those looking to invest in a property in Albania will begin to see developments in the country, starting with a 22 kilometre two-lane motorway on a new alignment around the town of Fier, situated near the coast in central Albania. Aiming to improve travel times and safety, the motorway will not only connect Albania to its neighbour Greece but will employ an estimated 1,550 workers per year across its three year period.

"Albania has new roads, a new airport, stunning coastline and superb weather similar to Greece and it won't be long until we see more and more people visit and purchase holiday properties in this beautiful country." commented Maharajah.

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