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Beyonce gets the builders in

Beyonce gets the builders in

Glamorous mum-to-be Beyonce has drafted in the builders to construct a palatial crib for her new arrival.

The singer, whose first baby is due in February, is creating a whopping 2,200sq ft nursery in the New York property she shares with her rapper husband Jay-Z, which will give the couple plenty of space to invite rumoured godparents Kanye West and Gwyneth Paltrow round to babysit.

The huge nursery is the same size as nine average sized New York flats and is almost as big as this entire Tribeca apartment which is located just round the corner. It dwarfs the average UK home which has a miniscule 818 sq ft. of space.

The couple, who also own a property in Miami, have not revealed details of how they plan to decorate the huge space, but reports in the US press reveal that they have already spent over $100,000 on a cot, changing table and assorted baby furniture items.

Beyonce and her mother Tina are in charge of the interior design but Jay-Z has reportedly made one request - a New York Yankees mobile hanging above the cot.

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