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Whether you already own a holiday-home that you 're thinking of renting out, or you're looking to buy a new pad and want to find out more about the likelihood of earning a decent income when you're not staying in it, there's a number of factors you need to consider.  A Place in the Sun has the tools to help. 

First of all, why not get an idea of the type of income you can expect, by using the rental income calculator tool below, provided by our partners at  You can also download a free guide to renting your home, and access more useful advice and documents directly from HomeAway:  Find out more >>>


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HomeAway attracts over 227 million visitors each year looking for a holiday rental.  Listing your property with A Place in the Sun and, means your property can be seen on 19 holiday rental sites around the world ranging from the UK, Spain and France to Australia, Canada and Brazil.  With a simple sign-up procedure and in-depth homeowner resources, listing your holiday home for rent with A Place in the Sun and couldn't be easier. 

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